Vacation Cottage Rentals in Tofino BC British Columbia

Vacation Cottage Rentals in Tofino BC

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Vacation Cottage Rentals in Tofino BC British Columbia

Tofino, British Columbia is a beautiful town on the west coast of British Columbia. Situated on picturesque Vancouver Island, Tofino is surrounded by ancient rainforests and some of the most incredible beaches in the world. It was once primarily a fishing village, but it has become a 'must-see' destination for travelers to the west coast. About Tofino link for more information.

Vacation Cottage Rentals in Tofino BC British Columbia

A town for the adventurous or for those who just want to relax in a gorgeous setting, Tofino has so much to offer. The scenery is amazing. Stands of giant cedar, spruce and hemlock trees; sandy beaches that go for miles and ever-changing weather create stunning views for its admirers. Teeming with wildlife from gray whales and sea lions to black bears and eagles, there is always something to see.

Vacation Cottage Rentals in Tofino BC British Columbia

Hiking, beach combing and fishing top the list of things to do near Tofino, but there is so much more to do near this town. World famous Long Beach and other local beaches provide surfers with great waves and scuba divers with amazing undersea gardens, while at the same time offering many hours of beach combing pleasure for those who prefer to stay a little drier. Whale watching or sea kayaking tours provide a great opportunity to see the rugged coastline as well as sea life - and a chance to do some bird watching, too.

The fishing is what first brought people to this area. The season goes all year and it is always terrific. For outdoor adventure or just relaxing, Tofino has developed into a lovely town with many shops, cafes, and great restaurants where the people are friendly and the surroundings are exceptional.

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